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Ken Balsley has been publishing this newsletter for decades (indeed, he was doing the equivalent of blogging long before the technology was invented). Balsley’s knowledge of local politics is encyclopedic and his opinions are iconoclastic, although he tilts libertarian and Republican. As a long-time Lacey resident and former editor of the Lacey Leader newspaper, Balsley tends to be a booster of that city and a critic of Olympia. — Free access to some content; $35/yr. subscription

“Thurston County has different codes of development and lower standards on signs and billboards. And, because it is the only major urban street in the county, those with products to sell find that section of Martin Way a good place to advertise their wares. I’m not a prude. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the legalization of marijuana. My concern centers around that section of Martin Way which doesn’t look like the rest of the street. It concerns me how low class and low brow that section of road has become.”

— Martin Way has deteriorated (Oct. 3, 2016)

“The question on every voter’s mind is this – – should we continue with the same government policies of the past by voting for Hillary Clinton. Or should we take a chance on an insider outsider who is already making changes in the way elections are run and who threatens to make even more changes when he’s elected? I know where I stand. If you want to know, read the section above called About.”

— Who are “The Deplorables” (Sept. 15, 2016)


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