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This blog is published by Janine Gates, a long-time local resident and environmental activist who is also a former editor of Green Pages and president of our parent organization, SPEECH. Among local independent media outlets, Little Hollywood is the most prominent source of professional-quality, objective news reporting. Since this blog was launched in 2009, Gates has placed a major emphasis on land-use issues. — Free access; donation suggested

“The city (Olympia) has not mapped the city’s seismic hazards, and, as it turns out, the whole 104 acre former Sundberg sand and gravel mine property appears on county and state maps as being very near an earthquake fault line that runs through Thurston County. So near, it’s about 900 feet from the property, and within about a half mile of the top of the hill on 20th Avenue near the proposed Parkside development on Cooper Point Road.”

— Former Sandberg Property About 900 feet from Suspected Olympia Fault Line (Aug. 17, 2016)

“Board member Jane Laclergue read a prepared statement and made the motion to table the context plan and ask Triway Enterprises to come back with a new one. Triway staff members Jeanette Hawkins and Gail Merth made comments to the board throughout the evening that they would be unable or unwilling to make any changes to the building’s massive size, which was a major source of discussion tonight.”

— Design Review Board ‘Tables’ Triway’s Larida Passage Plan (Dec. 17, 2009)


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