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This is a quarterly newsletter of Sustainable South Sound, a nonprofit group that grew out of Green Pages’ parent organization, SPEECH. Living Local isn’t posted on the web so you’ll need to pick up a copy on news stands — or, better yet, become a member of Sustainable South Sound. Content covers a variety of sustainability topics but primarily consists of feature stories that emphasize the importance of supporting socially and environmentally responsible local businesses.

Living Local — Free distribution, donation suggested

“As we have been talking to businesses and organizations about our programs, we have found that interest exists amongst some larger businesses that are not necessarily locally owned, but hold sustainable values which support our local members. As a result we have created a membership category entitled ‘Sustaining and Premier Partners.'”

— Rachel Friedman, “President’s Message” (p. 2, Fall 2016)

“Imagine if our City Council in Olympia allocated resources to enhancing neighborhood scale retail, instead of sending City Staff around the country to trade shows to recruit national chain stores. Our community would become inundated with talented entrepreneurs operating great businesses — wow, I wonder if that might attract companies and family-wage jobs? A walkable, livable, sustainable community, investing in its entrepreneurs, in education and in its parts and trails. We’d be building a Great City, from the grass-roots level.”

— Joe Hyer, “Neighborhood Retail: A Blessing & Challenge” (pp. 1, 15)


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