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Although this weekly newspaper was created with the goal of covering both the Evergreen State College’s Olympia campus and the surrounding community, in recent decades the CPJ has become inward focused. That’s unfortunate because the paper has adopted an artsy-tabloid format which could generate meaningful community interest if the CPJ were distributed off campus.

The current editor is Felix Chrome, who is studying critical theory and experimental poetics. “If she isn’t at the salon” or “spending all night in the office working on the paper, you can find her downtown drinking shitty beer and talking about anarchy. Please don’t talk to her about work.”

Cooper Point Journal — Free distribution

“A faculty member stepped in to encourage white people not to take up space by talking, but just to listen. A handful of white students took turns reiterating, ironically, that white people should only be listening. And while the black students did want to address their non-black peers, they also wanted to address their administration, whom they felt, indicated by their signs, have not been addressing their needs. The administration did not stay to listen.”

— Jon Fitzgerald, “Confrontation at Convocation” (Sept. 27, 2016)

“If you missed these, it’s not too late to impress all your new hippie friends with some plant identification skills. Pick up a good mushroom field guide (I suggest All That the Rain Promises and More: a Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms by Arora) and a plant field guide such as Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast by Pojar and Mackinnon. It is said that the best mushroom years are the ones where everyone complains about summer ending too quickly, in other words, this year. Enjoy the mushrooms and plants of the forest by taking pictures rather than physical samples to document your findings.”

— Tari Gunstone, “Evergreen’s Living Laboratory” (Sept. 26, 2016)


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