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If you can’t figure it out, do ask questions!

Since we relaunched Green Pages as a continuously updated website we’ve received a variety of feedback. Some readers have offered positive comments but others have expressed concerns about the website’s readability.

The basic complaint is that the format is “busy” and hard to navigate. That makes sense. The template we use has a magazine-style design which is much more complex than your typical blog. We must admit that this was intentional. We wanted to offer a media buffet in order to meet the needs of a diverse readership.

In addition, we wanted Green Pages to present more than news. As a case in point, if you have spent any time with the Links section you will have found information on a wide range of topics. Organizing all of that content can get complicated, both for Green Pages staff and readers.

Are there ways we could simplify the design? In theory perhaps, but in practice we are limited by the basic structure of the template we purchased.

The best way to deal with the site may be to live with it for a while. Noodle around. Ask questions as needed (you can shoot me an email at Reminder: There are no “dumb” questions.

SPEECH comings and goings

We are sad to announce that SPEECH has lost one of its most dedicated board members. Joanne McCaughan has stepped down after being on the board for almost a decade. During part of that time Joanne was also the Green Pages editor. We are glad that she would like to continue to be involved with SPEECH as a volunteer.

Meanwhile, Sue Patnude has joined the board and taken on the role of secretary. If you’ve read about our history, you know that Sue is one of SPEECH’s three founders.

This creates a bit of a reunion because current board president Peter Moulton is also a founder of SPEECH (go here for a full list of board members). This has led to poignant conversations about how things have and haven’t changed since SPEECH was born in 1990.

— S. Salmi



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