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Biggest cities rated on 20 ‘green’ metrics

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WalletHub convened 18 scholars to determine the “greenest” cities in the United States. Twenty indicators were used; they ranged from “greenhouse-gas emissions per capita” to “number of smart-energy policies and initiatives.”

Seattle and Portland were the only two Pacific Northwest cities large enough to be included in the assessment. Both did pretty well. Portland ranked eighth and Seattle eleventh when aggregating scores from all 20 metrics.

As with any ranking system one can quibble with the methodology, e.g., it seems odd that San Jose, Fremont and Oakland would rank higher than Portland. One might also point out that the panel of scholars was lacking in diversity; it had only two women and one apparent person of color.

That said, these types of rankings can at least cultivate discussion about what are the most important policy goals we should be striving for.


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  1. Noteworthy also was that many smaller communities were evaluated, but in Washington and Oregon, only our largest cities. Interesting comparison, nonetheless. thanks for the reference.

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