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Emmett O’Connell has been publishing blogs longer than just about anyone in Thurston County. Olympia Time is fascinating not only for his current postings but also for the historical perspective you can gain by wandering around his blog’s archives.

In the last year O’Connell has shifted from publishing twice a week to a more leisurely cycle that has allowed him to do more in-depth analysis. For example, Olympia Time has published hard-timing critiques of now-county commissioner Gary Edwards (go here and here). In addition, this is the only local media outlet that regularly uses data visualization technology to analyze elections (here and here). — Free access, donation suggested

“After his last run for sheriff 14 years ago, Gary Edwards faced a couple of lawsuits from his former opponents. Both now former sheriff deputies, they claimed that Edwards used the power of his office to discredit them during the campaign. . . . What gives me the creeps is that the lawsuits, the questionable tactics, all happened relatively recently. Up until now, I don’t think anyone has brought up these issues. Edwards has brought up issues of county commission actions that predate the current commission and obviously don’t involve his opponent or anyone else running for county commission. But, his time as sheriff shows at the very least a management style and decision making that everyone should be able to question.”

— It matters that Gary Edwards cost Thurston County $500,000 in lawsuits (Sept. 18, 2016)

“Oh, poor Olympia. So many of us really don’t know what the hell is going on, reality from perception and what a real liberal is. For one thing, Jeanette Hawkins is not a conservative, not even in a conservative Democrat sort of way. She is liberal. Maybe not as liberal Ralph Nader, but liberal none the less. Only in Olympia, where your middle is left and the right wing is seen as facist, could Jeanette ever be seen as a righty. . . . Now adays, I assume the greatest insult you can give a fellow lefty if you don’t think they’re cool enough is ‘your just like Kevin O’Sullivan, an evil GOPer in Demo’s clothing.’ Oooooh, aaaah, remember though, Jeanette’s got the best anti-Kevin creds of any of us: she called out O’Sullivan hard during those heady days of shoreline rules protests.”

— Only in Olympia could Jeanette Hawkins be seen as a conservative, even akin to Kevin O’Sullivan (March 24, 2003)




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