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Green Pages celebrates its 27th anniversary

In human terms 27 years old is still pretty young. Even so, that’s positively ancient for a volunteer-based independent media outlet. Green Pages has survived this long for only one reason: Your continued support. That has manifested in a variety of ways, such as the folks who have made financial donations over the years to our parent nonprofit, the South Puget Environmental Education Clearinghouse. We are one of the leanest organizations on the face of the Earth, but it still takes money to keep this website live. (Go here if you’d like to make a donation right now.)

Perhaps most importantly, Green Pages has been blessed with generation after generation of dedicated volunteers. Small media outlets like ours can be difficult to sustain because they require a high time commitment and specialized skills. Yet over the years Green Pages has been a who’s who of the local green community. On our history page we have attempted to list all of those who have participated as staff or board members (let us know if we have inadvertently left off any names).

The SPEECH board would like to thank all of you for your support since we began this journey on March 23, 1990. We also appreciate your recent assistance in helping us create a web-based, one-stop source of information, ideas and support for green living in the South Puget Sound region. Go here to learn more about the method to our madness.

— S. Salmi, editor


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