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You only get one donut at Amy Goodman’s fundraiser

It’s great that independent journalist Amy Goodman is coming back to Olympia as a fundraiser for the Olympia Film Society, KAOS radio and MCMedia. The event, called “Coffee with Amy Goodman,” will be held Saturday, May 13 at 11 a.m. at the Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia. Tickets are $20 general and $15 for students.

Just know that your ticket entitles you to only one donut along with your coffee. I didn’t make that up — check 0ut the Film Society’s web page about this event.

This could be a problem for those of us with Homer Simpson tendencies. Discussion of difficult political issues can result in compulsive eating. What better way to give a serious discussion that extra edge than to inject massive quantities of sugar into the participants’ bloodstream. Surely a local donut maker could recognize the opportunity to generate eternal goodwill from activists by donating a truckload of donuts.

To offer evidence that this is not some vapid bourgeois aside, let’s refer to Chris Perrin’s essay, “15 Things Homer Simpson taught us about doughnuts.” Read between the lines and you can quickly recognize that this is a hard-core lefty who understands how to use popular culture to heighten the contradictions.

For example, item Number Eight states: “Like potato chips, pizza and, really, everything else, it’s impossible to eat just a single doughnut. In fact, two’s pretty hard. Stopping at three is also difficult. Pretty much, doughnuts come in boxes of 12, and that’s probably the proper serving size.”

A dozen donuts for every Amy Goodman ticket holder would make a powerful statement that socialism is right around the corner.

— S. Salmi


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