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Olympia’s summers similar to Los Angeles’ by 2100

Climate Central offers an interactive map that is . . . compelling. If you go to this page and type in “Olympia, WA,” you’ll see the image shown below. According to Climate Central, our average high summer temperature — which currently hovers around 75 degrees — will instead reach 85 degrees. That would be similar to the Los Angeles-area suburb of Brea, California, which Wikipedia describes as having a “hot-summer Mediterranean climate.”

Note that Climate Central’s analysis “only accounts for daytime summer heat — the hottest temperatures of the day, on average between June-August — and doesn’t incorporate humidity or dewpoint, both of which contribute to how uncomfortable summer heat can feel. This projected warming also assumes greenhouse gas emissions keep increasing through 2080, just as they have been for the past several decades.”

climat-cntrl-oly-med1If you take a look at Google images of Brea, you’ll find lots of sun and palm trees. What happens to the South Sound’s forest habitat as this transition occurs?

Climate Central describes itself as an “independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching reporting on the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the public.”


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