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BlueGreen Alliance holds summit in Olympia

What’s next for carbon tax policy after last year’s defeat of Initiative 732? The statewide BlueGreen Alliance will get together in Olympia September 14 and 15 to talk strategy.

The summit, which will be held at Hotel RL Olympia by Red Lion, will include some big names such as Governor Jay Inslee, Washington Labor Council President Jeff Johnson and Sierra Club Organizing Manager Robin Everett.

It will be interesting to see how local greens react to the summit. Olympia was a hotbed of support for I-732. The group that spearheaded the initiative, Carbon Washington, has joined forces with ACT NOW, a coalition that includes Audubon Washington, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, League of Women Voters and the American Sustainable Business Council.

The BlueGreen Alliance’s press release on the summit describes the group’s approach: “Americans are ready an economy that works for all of us. One where you can find a quality job with fair pay and benefits. We also recognize that we all deserve clean air and water, protections to safeguard workers and the communities around their workplaces, and that building up a cleaner economy means we’ll be laying the foundation that generations of Americans can use to secure prosperity.”

Registration cost for the summit is $149. Click here to begin registration.

The summit is an initiative of the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation, which conducts research and educates the public and media about solutions to environmental challenges that create economic opportunities for the American people. It replaces the Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference.

Photo courtesy the BlueGreen Alliance.


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