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Flight Behavior: A Novel

Seeing pictures of recent hurricane damage reminded me of Barbara Kingsolver’s novel, Flight Behavior. This 2012 book is a pioneering work of American “cli-fi” that looks at how gender, class, education and regional culture impact how people view climate change. In a subtle, quiet way Kingsolver addresses key questions such as, “What behavior is hard-wired? When and how do people have real choices?” noted New York Times reviewer Dominique Browning.

— S. Salmi

Flight Behavior
  • Barbara Kingsolver, 2012
  • Harper-Collins Publishers, New York

“She found a live female, still pliable, faintly flapping, and dropped it into the open cooler. These little six-pack-size coolers were also used to carry organs from a deceased donor to the hospital where someone waited for a transplant, maybe with an empty chest, the old heart already cut out. Shed’ seen that on television. It seemed such a dire responsibility for just an ordinary cooler.

‘This is not a good thing, Dellarobia,’ he added. ‘A whole new earth.’

‘I know,’ she said. A world where you could count on nothing you’d ever known or trusted, that was no place you wanted to be. Insofar as any person could understand that, she believed she did.”


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