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poo-covpageGentle reader, beware: Some of what you see in the South Sound Green Pages is completely bogus.

It all started with the Solar Cat Book. When we read the first edition in the early-80s we were impressed with its technical information about solar power. However, what really made the book stand out was that it also included pure comedic bunk.

Author Jim Augustyn noted that fantasy was mixed in with reality throughout the book — “requiring the reader to continually distinguish between the two. This process will hopefully promote thought and learning, for as a wise old cat once said: ‘To learn, it helps to think'” (2003, p. viii).

Green Pages attempts to carry on this tradition by mixing serious content with rank absurdity. Consider, for example, the advertisements on the right, which are fictitious. Any similarities to real people or entities are entirely coincidental. No, really.

Of course, not all ads at Green Pages should be viewed as homegrown satire. That means you’ll need to exercise wisdom to determine what is and isn’t believable.

The same goes for comments. Some are from real readers and some are from fictitious characters whose musings are designed to cultivate deeper thinking. Think of it as trolling for educational purposes.

You should find it easier to figure out what postings are fictitious. Just check for the “satire” label below the headline.

Our apologies in advance if you are offended by any of this nonsense. Feel free to share your perspective here.

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