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Welcome to the South Sound Green Pages. We are a web-based, one-stop source of information, ideas and support for green living in the South Puget Sound region (although the primary focus is Thurston County). Our content is eclectic, but we strive to accomplish the following five goals:

  • We help each other live environmentally conscious and healthy lives by posting practical information and access to mutual-support opportunities. Our goal is to address a wide range of topics relevant across the entire arc of your life.
  • We preserve local knowledge by acting as a virtual library about the people, places, events and artistic expressions that point the way toward a more environmentally sustainable South Puget Sound.
  • We shape the policy agenda by publishing news, opinions and robust debates about how to cultivate a more resilient community, a healthy environment and a socially just economy. Green Pages subscribes to the adage, “think globally, act locally” by paying attention to the connections between local and larger-scale issues. We find the Cascadia bioregion to be a useful frame of reference.
  • We share social change tools that can increase our effectiveness as citizen leaders . . . and human beings. Green Pages frequently discusses how to navigate the public sector because many of our readers work in and around state and local government.
  • We cultivate lifelong learning communities of engaged citizens. Green Pages emphasizes talking across differences in analytically grounded, psychologically healthy and playful ways. In other words, just say “no” to ego wars, rigid thinking and fashionable hopelessness!

This is an all-volunteer effort, so don’t expect the comprehensiveness and professionalism of larger publications such as High Country News (although we aspire to be like them in 20 years). Green Pages is a service of the South Puget Environmental Education Clearinghouse, or SPEECH. This is a nonprofit, community-supported organization.

How often do you add new content?

Time-sensitive items such as calendar announcements are added continuously but we typically post new material the first and third Sunday of each month. However, in between postings feel free to comment (here’s how). Our news coverage is grounded in the “slow news” movement, which prioritizes thoughtfulness over speed.

How can I help out?

Green Pages invites your participation in all aspects of our operations. Go here for specifics on how to contribute story ideas, articles, photography, GIS maps . . . or?

By contributing to Green Pages you will join a long line of community-spirited people who have made this one of the oldest local environmental publications on the West Coast (check out our history here).

Of course, it also takes money to run this website. If you value what we do, please consider becoming a member.

Can I repost one of your articles?

Short answer: Only if you ask first. Go here for details. However, you are encouraged to draw upon the ideas presented in Green Pages as long as you properly attribute them. Links are always appreciated, as are Facebook likes, re-tweets or street-corner soliloquies.


PHOTO: Olympia, Earth Images