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The South Sound Green Pages presents information and ideas solely for educational and research purposes. In keeping with rules governing nonprofit organizations, Green Pages and its parent organization, South Puget Environmental Education Clearinghouse — or SPEECH — do not endorse candidates for office.

You are encouraged to use the ideas presented here in your own work as long as you properly attribute them. Written material and images may not be reproduced without written permission from SPEECH. (Contact us here.) Links to this site are always appreciated.

Opinions express by designated authors are strictly their own and may not represent the views of SPEECH, its funding sources or distant relatives.

Use of aggregated text and images in Green Pages

Copyrighted material from other media outlets may be drawn upon by Green Pages contributors through the “fair-use” doctrine. Written content is reproduced according to journalistic and scholarly best practices. Those include:

  • Putting quote marks around all material that is directly taken from another author.
  • Being careful to not draw a disproportionate amount of content from another author’s article or book.
  • Linking to the reproduced material when available and citing the source in the “ALL OUR SOURCES” section at the bottom of a post. For example, books are typically linked to a web-based supplier.

Images are drawn from other sources under three conditions:

  • The image has “news” value, e.g., providing evidence that The Olympian emphasized a story on its website by showing a screenshot of it.
  • Portions of copyrighted material may be shown as part of historical research.
  • The sources of all reproduced images are cited in “ALL OUR SOURCES.” In addition, you can go directly to the source if you click on the image.

You can find out more about the focus of Green Pages here. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

PHOTO: Olympia, Earth Images