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Using the calendar

Green Pages recently switched to new calendar software. You may be surprised at how many features it offers readers as well as organizations that wish to market their events.

The Tags pull-down menu on the top left lets you filter the calendar using whatever categories have been assigned to events. You can click on one or more of the tags on that menu, so you can have it just display events from one or more organizations, or just climate events and bird events, etc. You don’t have to scroll through everything that’s going on in the county to see if there’s anything you might be interested in.

The Agenda pull-down menu on the top right lets you display the events in a variety of ways.

If your organization maintains an online calendar with a feed, this calendar can be subscribed to — and your events would automatically appear on Green Pages’s calendar (with their tags, if you assigned tags on your calendar). This will save you and us time and avoid typographical errors.

You can also embed a copy of this calendar in another website so it is displayed there as well. You can also embed a filtered view of your calendar with only some kinds of the events.

If you keep a computer calendar yourself, you can also subscribe your personal calendar to this one, so just some kinds of events from it are automatically shown in your own calendar.

Spending a few minutes to learn the ropes of our calendar could make it easier for organizations to share calendar information about events, and for readers to keep track of what’s going on.