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Electoral resources

Local elections
  • Olympia Time — Long-time blogger Emmett O’Connell regularly embarrasses The Olympian by publishing elections analysis that draws upon GIS (geographic information system) software. Go here for our mini-review.
  • Thurston County Auditor’s Office — The elections arm of this office is your quickest source of local results, candidate information and general data. If you are thinking about running for office, go here and here.
Washington elections
National elections
  • Daily KOS Elections — A left-leaning analysis of polling and electoral news.
  • Election Projection — This website offers a Republican spin on polls and election news.
  • — This nonpartisan poll aggregator focuses on rolling up state-level polls.
  • FiveThirtyEight — This commercial website run by Nate Silver is primarily focused on analyzing polling data.
  • Huffiest Pollster — Real-time aggregation of polling for national offices.
  • Princeton Election Consortium — Professor Samuel Wang offers polling analysis with a scholarly grounding.
  • — This nonpartisan site has an interactive tool that lists all of the state and federal offices you could run for based upon the address you plug in. The site also offers tips for running effective campaigns.
  • Talking Points Memo Poll Tracker — Another poll aggregator with useful info graphics.
  • The Cook Political Report — An independent, nonpartisan source of analysis about federal races and some at the state level.
  • The Upshot — This section of The New York Times uses some cool visualization techniques in aggregating polls for races of national significance.
Which websites are most worth paying attention to?
  • Go here for some general pointers.