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Share your images

The first rule in working with Green Pages: When in doubt, reach out to us! As we discuss further in Contact, the quickest way to connect is by emailing ( or submitting a comment (let us know if you don’t want it published).

Images — whether they be photographs, artwork or data visualization — are powerful story tellers. That’s why Green Pages enthusiastically invites your submission. To make the process work more smoothly, please read this before embarking on your project.

Does your idea fit within our editorial scope?

No media outlet can be all things to all people. That’s particularly the case with a small, volunteer-based website like ours. The best way to get a feel for whether your idea would be a good fit with Green Pages is to take a look at our five top priorities. If you still aren’t sure, do contact us. If we take don’t post your submission we will do our best to suggest another media outlet that would work better. We want to be supportive of all citizen journalists!

What kind of visual materials are we looking for?

Stand-alone photos or graphics, photo essays, data visualization projects (particularly GIS!) and artwork. We also appreciate working with folks who enjoy coming up with graphic support for articles written by others.

forest-canopy-med1Think ahead about deadlines

Is your image time sensitive? If so, please submit it at least three weeks prior to when you would like to see it published. For example, if you would like to submit images related to an event that needs publicity for at least three weeks, we would need your materials six weeks before the event. Go here for guidelines on writing.

Consider your readership

When considering what you want to share, keep in mind that Green Pages is a general-interest website whose readership may not have specialized about your particular topic. We are committed to publishing material that challenges prevailing assumptions. As a reader-supported media outlet, we also need to be sensitive to the diversity of our readership. By all means don’t self-censor your creative idea, but recognize our need to make nuanced judgments.

last-beer-med1How to submit materials

Generally the best way to submit visual material is through an email attachment sent to Here are some other considerations:

  • Provide your first and last name (or how you’d like your image to be credited) along with how we can most easily reach you by phone and email.
  • Please use a jpg format. Images that work best are typically horizontal and at least 300 dpi.
  • It’s better to give us images that are too large than too small. Note that we can potentially run an image across two front-page columns if it is of sufficient quality.
  • Give us a two- to four-line byline that tells readers about yourself (and organizational affiliation if relevant). If you wish, this can include your phone number and email for readers to contact you. We’re also delighted to link to other websites that display your work.
  • Feel free to suggest title for your images, although we may decide to use another one.
Will you still like us if your submission is edited?

We hope so because our goal is to generate lots of positive interest in your images. In other words, we want to your work to be the best that it can be! Sometimes we may need to crop an image due to format restrictions. Other times we may make a journalistic or artistic judgment about how to best use an image within the context of a story.

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us.