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Share your writing

The first rule in working with Green Pages: When in doubt, reach out to us! As we discuss further in Contact, the quickest way to connect is by emailing ( or submitting a comment (let us know if you don’t want it published).

Writing for Green Pages is a great way to share what’s on your mind with a wide range of readers. This is also an opportunity to work with supportive and experienced editors. To make the process work more smoothly, please read this before embarking on your writing project.

Does your idea fit within our editorial scope?

No media outlet can be all things to all people. That’s particularly the case with a small, volunteer-based website like ours. The best way to get a feel for whether your idea would be a good fit with Green Pages is to take a look at our five top priorities. If you still aren’t sure, do contact us. If we take don’t post your submission we will do our best to suggest another media outlet that would work better. We want to be supportive of all citizen journalists!

What kind of writing are we looking for?

Calendar items, press releases about your organization, news and opinion pieces, how-to pieces on practical topics, mini-reviews of books, relevant links, quotes, submissions to our idea bank, features about interesting people or places, letters to the editor, and even fictional satire. Go here if you are interested in photography and artwork.

Fireworks 3 (covpage)Think ahead about deadlines

Is your submission time sensitive? If so, please submit it at least three weeks prior to when you would like to see it published. For example, if you would like a calendar item posted at least three weeks before the event, we would thus need it six weeks before the event.

Consider your readership

When considering what you want to share, keep in mind that Green Pages is a general-interest website whose readership may not have a great deal of technical knowledge about your particular topic. The postings that work best are relatively concise and jargon free. While you may want to explain something in depth, please write so a reader without background in your subject will understand the article. For example, you could explain a particularly complicated aspect of your topic in a “sidebar” article.

delphi-road-graffiti-med1How to submit materials

Generally the best way to submit written material is through a Word document sent as an email attachment to Please provide the following information with your article:

  • Your first and last name (or how you’d like your name to appear on the web).
  • Your phone number and email where we can most easily reach you.
  • Articles will generally receive greater prominence if they include visual material such as a photograph or graphic. If you have any, please submit them in a jpg format. Images that work best are typically horizontal and at least 300 dpi. (Go here for details on submitting images.)
  • A two- to four-line byline that we will print after your article which tells readers about yourself (and organizational affiliation if relevant). If you wish, this can include your phone number and email for readers to contact you. We’re also delighted to link to other websites that display your work.
  • Feel free to suggest a title for your article, although we may decide to use another one.
Will you still like us if your written submission is edited?

We hope so because our goal is to generate lots of positive interest in your writing. In other words, we want your work to be the best that it can be! Here are four tips:

  • You can reduce the amount of editing needed by using the AP Style Guide, which is widely used by news-oriented publications in the United States. If you don’t have a style guide handy and don’t want to pay for it, go here.
  • Remember to provide us with working links to all of your sources. You’ll notice that even photo features include links within the story and citations in an “All Our Sources” section at the bottom of the page.
  • Now that we are entirely web-based, Green Pages does not have specific rules around article length, but write with an eye toward conciseness.
  • Green Pages staff may edit articles without contacting the writer if the piece is submitted too close to deadline. You will only be contacted when the editors are unclear about the article’s meaning or need more details. You won’t be contacted for minor edits for grammar and clarity.

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us.