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This website describes itself as “devoted to citizen journalism” and “hyperlocal news and discussion specifically about Olympia, Washington.” Olyblog was launched with a powerful burst of energy from a handful of kindred spirits but in more […]

Works In Progress

This monthly publication was born at roughly the same time as Green Pages but has mainly focused on social justice issues. Once Green Pages cut back from a monthly to a bimonthly and then a quarterly, […]

Olympia Time

Emmett O’Connell has been publishing blogs longer than just about anyone in Thurston County. Olympia Time is fascinating not only for his current postings but also for the historical perspective you can gain by wandering […]

Cooper Point Journal

Although this weekly newspaper was created with the goal of covering both the Evergreen State College’s Olympia campus and the surrounding community, in recent decades the CPJ has become inward focused. That’s unfortunate because the paper has […]

Living Local

This is a quarterly newsletter of Sustainable South Sound, a nonprofit group that grew out of Green Pages’ parent organization, SPEECH. Living Local isn’t posted on the web so you’ll need to pick up a copy on […]

Yelm Community Blog

One of the more active local blogs comes out of Yelm. Steve Klein’s Yelm Community Blog posts almost daily, often on political topics. During the 2016 election cycle Klein has focused more attention on the county […]

Olympia Power & Light

In the absence of new leadership, this publication will join the large graveyard of independent local media outlets. In mid-September Editor/Publisher Meta Hogan stated on Olympia Power & Light’s Facebook page that she had “decided to […]

On finishing up a few things

Near the end of a terrific New Yorker profile about Leonard Cohen, the 82-year-old musician spoke about the recent arc of his life. “The big change is the proximity to death,” he told writer David Remnick. “I […]

The Olympian

For years this daily newspaper has enjoyed an unusually complete local media monopoly because of the lack of local television stations and community weeklies with professional reporters. However, after its purchase by The McClatchy Company, […]

Janine’s Little Hollywood

This blog is published by Janine Gates, a long-time local resident and environmental activist who is also a former editor of Green Pages and president of our parent organization, SPEECH. Among local independent media outlets, Little […]
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